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About Us

PKS is a translation company specialized in scientific and technical areas. We offer our services to companies in the pharmaceuticals, chemical, medical, CROs, veterinary, cosmetic, food, biotechnology and medical technology fields.

Translations for these areas require a deep understanding of specific topics and a specialized vocabulary. We have a team of translators and reviewers comprised of physicians, pharmacists, chemists and sworn translators with extensive knowledge and experience in each specific industry, coupled with a deep knowledge of the languages we offer. This allows us to provide an excellent service aimed at the specific needs of our clients.

PKS Translations

Our Services

Due to their professional experience, our translators are familiar with the documents used by our clients.
Each translation is assigned to the most qualified professional in the specific topic. All documents are reviewed for style, grammar and technical terminology; this allows us to provide top-quality translations.
We guarantee total confidentiality of information entrusted to us by our clients.
We are known for strict adherence to the agreed deadlines.

Scientific and Technical Documents

Clinical Trial Protocols
InvestigatorÂ’s Brochures
Informed Consents
Drug Product Labels and Package Inserts
Physical, chemical, biological and microbiological studies
Bioavailability Studies
Toxicological Studies
Stability Studies
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
GMP Standards

Validation Methods
Analytical Methods
Manufacturing Methods
Packaging Methods
Certificates of Analysis
Raw Materials and Finished Product Specifications
Site Master Files
Product Dossiers
Operations Manuals
Scientific Articles

Legal Documents

Regulatory Documents
Product Certificates
Free Sale Certificates
Documents issued by Health Agencies
Documents for Products and Trademarks Registration
Powers of Attorney

Marketing and Promotional Materials

Promotional Materials
Training Materials


The main stages of our translation process are the following:

  1. Client Request: We identify client needs and provide them with the most convenient quote and delivery date.

  2. Document Analysis: In order to create the most suitable translation team based on their expertise and work experience.

  3. Translation: We conduct terminological researches that allow us to translate a wide range of documents. We take into account the vocabulary and style preferences of our clients.

  4. Proofreading: As part of our quality control process, all our translations go through a strict terminology, style and grammar review process.

  5. Editing and final check: We make a careful examination of the document presentation in order to ensure that the format and design are similar to those in the original document.

  6. Project delivery: Project delivery within the agreed time is accompanied by the monitoring of client satisfaction.
PKS Translations

Contact and Location

You can contact us by phone or by email and will receive a reply shortly.

If you are a translator and want to work with us, send us a message with your short CV and we will contact you shortly.

Location: C.A.B.A. - Argentina.

Telephone: +54 11 2046-3552

Mobile: +54 11 6839-7481

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